Welcome Shooters to the fifth annual winter theme shoot. The purpose of the shoot is to fill in the doldrums of winter with a fun, low-cost, not-much-on-prizes, you-get-braggin’- rights-and-a-frozen-butt shooting match. Last year Mother Nature decided to drop an ice storm on us and we had to quit shooting by noon or spend the night. This years January shoot is going to have a target shooting theme. I have several club members who enjoy paper punching and have been after me to set something up. I decided to run two handgun matches and a rifle match. Knowing that most of the attendees are more informal shooters, I split the handgun portion into a strict one hand “bullseye” match and a second “sportsman” match allowing two hands (times, targets and distance are the same, I just tweaked the rules to give them a better chance at higher scores) on most of the relays. The rifle match was left at one match. As with our other matches we will run a line of shooters during each match. We will continue to run lines for the various matches throughout the day until we run out of time, shooters or the weather turns on us. Please try to be there on or at 0900. Thank You! So grab your favorite “shootin’ irons” and head out to the Goffstown Fish and Game and freeze your butt off with us! General rules, dates, times, etc. are listed below. 

Location: The shoot will be held at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association facility on Melvin Valley Rd. in Weare NH. 

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2016 from 9 AM to end (3pm latest.) If the weather is real bad, the shoot will be cancelled. If weather is doubtful, please go to goffstownfishandgame.com to see if the shoot is still on. If the shoot is cancelled we will try to reschedule (IF POSSIBLE), with the new date being posted on our web site. 

Cost: $20.00 per individual contestant. This fee allows you to shoot in any two matches of your choice. If you want all three matches cost is an additional $5.00. Lunch is provided as part of your entry fee. Re-entry fee is $5.00 Re-entry is allowed if time permits.

Grub: Free coffee all day. Food will be served at lunch time. Light snacks and breakfast will be available. Non shooters pay a minimal fee. 

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